Starry, Starry Quiz

1. What constellation of stars is named for a winged horse?

2. What’s the brightest star in the night sky?

3. Who painted The Starry Night?

4. What planet is the Evening Star when it’s in the west and the Morning Star when it’s in the east?

5. What candy bar is named after the galaxy that holds our solar system?

6. Within the constellation Orion, you can see a red giant that’s one of the largest stars known. What is its name?

7. In what science-fiction film saga is the Death Star capable of destroying a plant with a single shot?

8. Who said, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”?

9. Falling stars or shooting stars are actually meteoroids burning up where?

10. The Earth’s sun is a middle-aged star and has about how many years left until it reaches old age and dies?

11. What color are the most frequent and inconspicuous stars in the universe?

12. In the animated Disney movie Pinocchio, what character sings “When You Wish Upon a Star”?

13. The first moon landing occurred in what year: 1959, 1969, or 1979?


1. Pegasus
2. Sirius, or Dog Star
3. Vincent Van Gogh
4. Venus
5. Milky Way
6. Betelgeuse
7. Star Wars
8. Oscar Wilde
9. In the Earth’s atmosphere
10. 5 billion
11. Red
12. Jiminy Cricket
13. 1969


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  1. that is my favorite painting.. thank you..

  2. This was very clever.
    Add “What poet wrote a tribute to the painting? ” A form of Ekphrasis or ecphrasis ( the graphic, often dramatic, description of a visual work of art.)
    Answe: Anne Sexton
    Hope you enjoy her poem!

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