“X” Marks the Spot

Can you indentify these objects that all end in the letter X?

1. When a story builds to a suspenseful point and then has a trivial or disappointing ending, it’s said to have this kind of ending.

2. Who was Paul Bunyon’s bovine companion?

3. Who was the star of TV’s Sanford and Son?

4. In Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus stories, the three main characters are Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and …who?

5. What’s a ten-letter word for somebody who talks a lot, especially about unimportant things?

6. What is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands?

7. It’s made by flying insects, used to make candles, and is part of the saying “Mind your own…” what?

8. What ten-letter word means unconventionial, independent, or breaking with tradition?

9. What’s the medical term for the end of the spinal column, commonly called the tailbone?

10. In Greek mythology, they are the twin sons of Leda, and the twins in the Gemini constellation. Who are they?


1. An anticlimax
2. Babe the Blue ox
3. Redd Foxx
4. Brer Fox
5. Chatterbox
6. Saint Croix
7. Beeswax
8. Unorthodox
9. Coccyx
10. Castor and Pollux


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  1. I only got a 50%. Failure. Thanks for the break.

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