The Heart of Dixie, Alabama – A Quiz

1. The famous Iron Bowl, first held in 1893, is between which two renowned college football teams?

2. What polluted steel town had the nickname Pittsburgh of the South?

3. Cloudmont, an Alabama ski resort, seems too far south for snow. Why is there snow there so often?

4. What city is considered the birthplace of the U.S. space program?

5. What port city has a Mardi Gras second only to the one in New Orleans?

6. What pioneering country music star has a memorial in Montgomery? (Hint: cheatin’ heart)

7. Talladega has a hall of fame for what sport?

8. In what noted college town could you drive on Paul W. Bryant Drive?

9. Tuskegee University is connected with which noted black scientist?

10. How did the town of Haleyville react when the state seceded from the Union in 1861?


1. Alabama and Auburn
2. Birmingham
3. The Cloudmont snow is manufactured
4. Huntsville, home of NASA’s Space Flight Center and home to rocket scientist Wernher von Braun
5. Mobile
6. Hank Williams
7. Auto racing
8. Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama
9. George Washington Carver
10. The citizens voted to secede from the state


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