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Remembrance of Things Past

1. The Sons of Liberty protested the tax on tea with an action that later became known as the what?

2. Who was president of the United States during the Great Depression and most of World War II?

3. What civil-rights figure refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man?

4. The Treaty of Panmunjon ended what conflict?

5. Columbus knew the Earth was round, and thought he could sail in what direction from Europe to reach Asia?

6. Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt traded across what sea?

7. What explorer, trying to find the Fountain of Youth, ended up giving Spain claim to Florida by exploring St. Augustine?

8. What international organization was the first to win the Nobel Peace Prize twice?

9. Greece was known as the birthplace as what form of government?

10. A runaway slave was killed by British soldiers in the Boston Massacre. What was his name?

11. He was born in Greece, and was founder as well as the first president of Republic of Turkey. Who was he?

12. Where did General Robert E. Lee surrender to General Grant to effectively end the Civil War?


1. Boston Tea Party
2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
3. Rosa Parks
4. The Korean War
5. West
6. The Mediterranean Sea
7. Ponce de Leon
8. The Red Cross
9. Democracy
10. Crispus Attucks
11. Kemal Ataturk
12. Appomattox Courthouse


Made in America – A Quiz

The original American Inventors

1. The inventor of this classic weapon of the American West got his first big order from the U.S. War Department. What did he invent?

2. What founding father invented, among other things, bifocals, an iron furnace stove, and an odometer to measure the length of mail routes?

3. Philo T. Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin are the two men most often credited with inventing what “tube”ular device?

4. Before it became the generic term for women’s stockings, nylon was first used commercially in toothbrush bristles. What company developed it in 1938?

5. In the 1950s, admiral and engineer Hyman O. Rickover was the first to use this vessel, which the United States now has many of.

6. Mary Anderson of Alabama wanted to improve drivers’ vision during stormy weather, so she invented and patented what?

7. Willis Haviland Carrier invented this chilly “Apparatus for Treating Air” in 1902. What do we call it today?

8. Which came first – dry cleaning or blue jeans?

9. Walter Hunt perfected this handy item in 1849 and sold it for $400. People who plan for emergencies – like a broken shoulder strap at a prom – carry one. What is it?

10. The Home Insurance Building in Chicago, built in 1884-85 by Major William Le Baron Jenney, was the first modern what?

11. In 1960, using a manmade ruby, physicist Theodore H. Maiman created the first working one of these items. What did he invent?


1. Samuel Colt developed the Colt revolver, or “six-shooter”
2. Benjamin Franklin
3. The television
4. DuPont
5. Nuclear submarine
6. Windshield Wipers
7. Air conditioner
8. Dry cleaning. It was invented (accidentally) in 1855. Blue jeans were patented in 1873.
9. The safety pin
10. Skyscraper; the building was 10 stories tall.
11. The laser

Words of Welcome by Garrett Hobart

Words of welcome
Spoken by: Garrett A. Hobart, Vice President of the United States
Recorded for the opening of the Electrical Exposition of New York City.
Recording date: May 1, 1898
Location: Washington, DC
Record format: Edison brown wax cylinder (unissued)
NPS object catalog number: EDIS 39849

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