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The Last Frontier, Alaska – A Quiz

1. What boom began at Bonanza Creek in 1897?

2. The Diomede Islands off Alaska are divided between the U.S. and what nation?

3. The state song, “Alaska, My Alaska,” uses the tune from what familiar Christmas song?

4. The name of the state sport might remind you of cornmeal. What is the sport?

5. Capt. Vitus Bering, visiting Alaska in 1740, claimed it for what nation?

6. What well-loved cowboy comic died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1935?

7. What playful sea animal was almost wiped out by Russian fur traders in the 1700s?

8. Purchased for the U.S. in 1867 by Secretary of State William Seward, Alaska was called Seward’s Folly. What nation was it purchased from?

9. You can visit the Last Chance Mining Museum in what capital of the Last Frontier?

10. Practically no trees grow in this 1,100-mile-long island chair, but there are grasses and flowers. What islands?


1. The Klondike Gold Rush
2. Russia
3. “O Christmas Tree,” also known as “O Tannenbaum”
4. “Mushing” – dogsled racing
5. Russia
6. Will Rogers
7. The sea otter
8. Russia
9. Juneau
10. The Aleutians