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The Land of Opportunity, Arkansas – A Quiz

1.  What national park centers around 143-degree water?
2. What 1848 event in California changed Fort Smith, Arkansas, into a boomtown?
3. What is Hope famous for?
4. Eureka Springs has a museum devoted to figurines of what water creatures?
5. Governor Winthrop Rockefeller founded a museum devoted to one of his favorite hobbies. What?
6. Mountain View is host to what popular music contest?
7. What type of structures are raced in Mountain Home’s annual Bean Days?
8. Rogers has a museum devoted to what type of weapons for children?
9. What town claims that it saw the first fighting for the Civil War?
10. What crucial metal originates in the state of Arkansas?


1. Hot Springs
2. The discovery of gold, leading to the gold rush. Fort Smith became a favorite starting place for wagons heading west.
3. Its annual Watermelon Festival. Also, it’s the childhood home of Bill Clinton
4. Frogs; it is the Frog Fantasies collection
5. Cars
6. The Arkansas State Fiddler’s Contest
7. Outhouses
8. Air guns
9. Pine Bluff; several days before Charleston’s Fort Sumter was fired on (the official beginning of the war), Pine Bluff locals fired on a federal gunboat and confiscated its supplies.
10. Aluminum, made from the bauxite ore that is common in Arkansas


The Grand Canyon State, Arizona – A Quiz

1. The University of Phoenix Stadium is host to what football bowl game?

2. The Native Americans who first led Spanish explorers to the Grand Canyon belonged to what tribe?

3, What beautiful spot has served as the most popular background scenery in western movies?

4. Lake Havasu City has what enormous structure, brought over from London?

5. What large, extinct creatures could you see in animated form in the Mesa Southwest Museum?

6. What weather phenomenon waters the green fields of cotton, melons, and lettuce near Phoenix?

7. Known as the Jewel of the Desert, the Biltmore Hotel is in what major city?

8. The beautiful sandstone fort in Pipe Spring National Monument was built by what religious group?

9. What animals can you ride into the Grand Canyon?

10. Why does the town of Bisbee not have mail delivered to people’s homes?


1. The Fiesta Bowl
2. Hopi
3. Monument Valley
4. London Bridge
5. Dinosaurs
6. None. The farming is all done by irrigation
7. Phoenix
8. The Mormons
9. Mules
10. The town’s streets are too steep even for mail carriers.